Pre-Flop Probabilities, Tips, & Tricks – How to win at Poker

In this video I walk through some probabilities that are useful to know before the flop occurs in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. I also get a little bit into tips on how to play based on these probabilities. This is…

Deuces Wild Video Poker Basic Strategy

Playing deuces wild poker using a trainer that shows the best possible hold. I think there may be a glitch or two in the software but seems still works very well to learn to play better. source

Blackjack Betting Tips With A REAL DEALER! – Diamond Casino Odds – GTA 5 Online

Here is the second installment of the blackjack tutorial, how to bet with a strategy. Decide which of the five different discussed strategies fit your play style and superstitions the best. Hope this helps you out there. Remember, gambling is…

TONY’S POKER STRATEGY – 1/2 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold Em

Tony Malibu’s POKER STRATEGY – 1/2 2/5 No Limit Texas Hold Em! The best Poker tips, tricks, and strategies straight from the master’s mouth! Subscribe to RueTV today for more new videos each week. Music Credit: source