Roulette Strategy To Win – casino 2

Roulette Strategy To Win – casino 2

Game Strategy:

First do two free spins do not invest
money in free spin then check these

1. if 1st spin hit black number and second
hit red then choose black and place bet.

2. if 1st spin hit red and second hit
black then choose red and place bet.

3. if both hit double black then place
bet on black this time.

4. & if both hit double red then place
bet on red.

if lose then place double on same color
if lose again then you now have double loose on
same color, change color (if you lose
two times on same color then change color
until you win then again spin two times
and check conditions for placing bets)

5. if zero come in between the spins then skip zero
and count two spins after zero otherwise the
strategy would not work.

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