Online Poker Cash Game Strategy: What To Do When There's No Correct Play – █-█otD 70

Today’s #HandoftheDay by our reg Firo gives you strategies (Online Poker Micro Stakes Cash Game Strategy, to be more specific) for how to make decisionswhen there’s no correct play. What would you have done? –

This poker hand showcases how different playing styles, opinions and strategies lead people to take different lines. The fact that no two scenarios are exactly the same is a prime example of what makes the game of poker so exciting to play.

I echo thoughts from two of my dedicated readers (Bob Georgiou and StillTrying2Help) in today’s video and present arguments for both strategies. Ironically they both came to the same conclusion albeit for different reasons.

I am looking forward to have discussion about this analysis, but don’t forget to head over to my blog first and check out the hand in details. –
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