Increase and Decrease Dice Auto Bet Strategy Play on Casino Royale

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The increase and decrease method auto bet strategy.

You might have already seen this method used by many youtubers but might be wondering how to set up your own method like this.

Here is the simple way to set that up:

1) Set a reasonable base bet accoring to your balance.

Safe base bet = balance/100,000

You can increase or decrease the base bet base on your experience.

2) Any Payout between 2.3x to 4x

3) Increase on loss, you can use the increase on loss that you would normally use on this payouts.

Or you can use this quick one: Increase on loss = Winning Chance x 2

4) Decrease on win, a reliable zone is between 40-60%.

Always remember to immediately hit stop if the base bet amount get big like if it gets to 5% of your balance the probability of busting is high.

Do not run it more than two times during any session. Take some quick profits and stop.

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