I'm BACK in Vegas again giving SECRET slot strategies, including live casino footage

I must really LOVE you guys. People are always asking me my secret slot strategies for winning all the time and I’m straight out showing you in this video. I snuck my camera in the casino and show live footage including one of my wins from this trip. I also show how much I pigged out at the buffet. Winning happens often for me and is one of the reasons I enjoy going to Vegas so much. One year I ended up in another tax bracket because I had too many wins over $1,200 (which gets reported to Uncle Sam each time, blah!). No worries though, I know a secret to combat that too! Some of the tips may sound silly, but it’s been working for me since I turned 21 and I’m 40 so you too can be hokey pokey with luck or not, up to you!

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