How to win on Casinos with CASINO WAR simple card game. Seems easy, but with warning.

Casino War is a simple game.
2 cards are drawed, and the highest one win ; cards are ranked from lower to higher: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.
The game pays 1 to 1.
If the two same cars appear, then the player has two choices:
to Surrender : player takes back half of his bet.
or Go To War: Dealer burn three cards, and draw two other cards for going to war between Dealer VS Player.
If the player win the hand when going on war and not surrender, the game pays 3 to 1.
This game seems easy to win. Like I did on this video, after losing quiet a lot in roulette, to recover my cash balance, I decided to play the casino war game, with 20$ initial bet, and to double for every game lost. Seems easy, but like on roulette red and black, a serie of losing hands can happen, and in this case, the loses are quit high.
I took some risk here on this game to recover my lost cash back from a previous roulette game. It worked well, but I want to advise any player who want to try this strategy:
Be aware of the potential high losses of the game. Thought it seems very easy to win, when a tricky consecutive lost hands are happening, then be ready for a quiet big loss. Like on roulette when playing red or black and doubling every lost game until winning.
Here is the scenario shown on this video when I hit a a tricky consecutive lost hands drawed:
Lost = 20$ + 40$ + 80$ + 160$ + 300$ which is max bet,
then it is a total loss of: 600$
Now a good point: at 20$ initial bet, the player needs only 5 winning hands drawed to win 100$.
Now to recover 600$, player needs 30 winning hands drawed… and it can happen fast on this game… just be aware of tricky consecutive lost hands drawed !