I would like to start off by crediting Jason of 504 road trips for making the layout for this video.. it looks great.

504 road trips does driving videos with great narration.
He provides great info about the towns and roads that he drives on. He also does some great neighborhood videos and hotel reviews while he is on the road.
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this is part one that explains the game play of
pai gow poker.
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The basics of this game are simple..
the strategy side of this game can be very detailed..
i taught my 9 year old son how to play this game..
we sometimes have fun battling each other in a home game.

after watching this I realize i left out one important fact,,,
the H on the layout id for the high hand..
the L is for the low hand..
your 5 card hand must be higher in poker value than your 2 card (low) hand..
if you screw this up and your 2 card hand is a higher rank than your 5 card hand then it is a FOUL hand and you will automatically lose.

THE most common hand you will have to make a decision on how to play is the 2 pair hand..
you will need to decide if you should split the two pair and keep one pair in each hand… or keep the two pair together and player your next two highest cards in the top (low) hand,,
the values of the two pair are important in deciding whether or not to split them… but also the value (rank) of the two leftover highest cards is also very important…

when deciding on whether or not to split casinos group their pairs..
there are many different house rules on how the dealer must set his hand..
all are pretty similar.. sometimes it will make you push or lose depending on how aggressive the house rules are regarding the setting of their hands..
usually the house will be very conservative..
they will ‘play for a push’ alot of the times and when they have a powerful hand they will put it to everyone at the table…lol

If anyone interested in learning how to play baccarat
I have a baccarat guide video also here.

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