How to update Google Chrome and why we need to do this

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a very fast and free web browser powered by Google. One can use Google Chrome on any type of operation system (Window, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad) without any extra system requirements. Google Chrome was the very first major web browser that combined the address bar and the search box, the most important feature which most of the competitors adopted ever since. It allows the users to sign in with their Google accounts which enable them to synchronize their bookmarks. Chrome use Sandbox approach security system which helps to prevent the malicious code on one page from affecting other pages. Google also launched Chrome web store an online marketplace used to download extension of web-based programs which runs inside the Chrome.

How to update Google Chrome

Google releases several updates of Chrome throughout the year. Chrome typically keeps itself up to date, but if you need to update it manually here are some easy steps which will take approximately 2-3 minutes to update Chrome.
•    Click the menu (☰) button which is located on the most right corner of the Chrome window. If the menu bars appears as green, red or orange it’s mean that updates are available.
•     Go to the setting option, it opens the tab of Chrome web settings.
•    Now click on the” About “button which is the last option shown on the left side of the bar.
•    A new page will open which will automatically check the updates of Chrome.
•    After the updates are finished and installed click on the” ReLaunch” button to restart the Chrome in order to make the updates worked effectively.
Sometimes Google Chrome cannot auto install updates and shows some error messages like Chrome updates are disabled by the administrator . In that case, we need to fix this error before we install new updates.

Why we needs updates

It is very important to keep your web browser up to date because
•    It provides full security measures; other older versions are less stable and are more susceptible to security problems. If you miss any update its means that you are putting your computer at risk from viruses and hackers.
•    The Older version of web browser does not support the latest version of HTML and CSS, which enable the user to view the website as it is meant to be seen.
•    The new version provides the fast browser speed.
•    The new version comes up with new features that increase your web browser productivity.