⚖️ 5 New rules Gambling Commission: affiliates, spam, withdrawals, complaints, advertising rules

Today we will talk about the new rules from the Gambling Commission that came into force on October 31, 2018 and were designed to protect the consumer (gambler) from evil and dishonest gambling businesses and make sure that they are treated fairly.

You can read more about changes to License Conditions and the Codes of Practice on the website of the Gambling Commission, and if you are too lazy to read the long canvases of the text of the most boring documents in the world and you want a short content, then please do not thank:

The changes mean:

it will be easier to take action, including imposing fines, against gambling businesses that break the advertising rules (such as advertising that appeals particularly to children or glamorizes gambling)
firms will face action for advertising failings by third party affiliates
it will be quicker and easier to take action for breaches of consumer law (such as unfair and misleading practices or unreasonable restrictions on withdrawals)
firms will have to provide better complaints processes, including an eight week deadline for complaints to be resolved
action can be taken against gambling firms that send ‘spam’ marketing emails or texts.

Gambling Commission full video:

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